Barley Wine/Old Ale Beer List

VG=Vegan  V=Vegetarian
GF=Brewed to a gluten-free recipe (not certified Gluten-free)

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BreweryBeerTown, CountyABVDietaryTasting NotesBarBeer Number
DowntonChocolate Orange DelightDownton, Wiltshire5.8%A speciality old ale with pronounced chocolate flavours. A pleasant orange addition combines perfectly in this delightfully different offering.Five Points103
Fuller's2017 Vintage AleLondon, Greater London8.5%American hop Denali imparts pineapple, citrus and pine notes, bringing a gentle tropical touch to the Vintage Ale series for the first time, while British malt variety Laureate also makes its debut appearance in a Fuller’s beer.Five Points134
Fuller'sGolden PrideLondon, Greater London8.5%Deep amber in appearance. Golden Pride is full bodied, bursting with flavours of sweet orange oil and toasted grains.Five Points136
Moor BeerOld Freddy WalkerBristol, Gloucestershire and Bristol7.3%VG URich, dark, strong ale with a fruity complex taste, leaving a fruitcake finish.New Wharf210
OakhamAttilaPeterborough, Cambridgeshire7.5%Rich elderflower aroma. Ripe red berries and citrus aromas. Long smooth fruity finish. Cask Aged.New Wharf231
OrkneyDark IslandQuoyloo, Northern Isles4.6%A sweetish roast chocolate malt taste leads to a long-lasting roasted, slightly bitter.New Wharf245
TringDeath or GloryTring, Hertfordshire7.2%A strong, dark, aromatic barley wine.West Berkshire348
WimbledonXXXK Vintage AleWimbledon, Greater London10.0%Velvet notes of rich, warming autumn fruits, overlaid with hints of spice and Seville Orange and a satisfying bite on the finish.West Berkshire412
Chiltern300s Old Ale - IN WOODAylesbury, Buckinghamshire4.9%Satisfyingly dark but not impenetrable, good body but not overpowering, with a long pleasing finish. Moncada425