Barley Wines and Strong Ale – 2022

BreweryBeerABVTown / CountyTasting NotesBeer NumberBarDietary
Fuller'sVintage Ale8.5%Chiswick - Greater LondonMalty aroma leads to a balance of malt, some hops and Christmas pudding. Bitter finish. Hops and malts change annually.104A
WimbledonXXXK Vintage Ale10.0%Wimbledon - Greater LondonBack in the Middle Ages, the rate of illiteracy was high and those wishing to drink beer were advised of its strength by the simple use of an ‘X’ to denote its strength. The more Xs, the stronger the beer! The K in our XXXK stands for ‘keeper’ and is a beer which, whilst delicious to drink now, may also be laid down like a fine wine, for several years, maturing and evolving over time.
The inspiration behind the brew was the discovery of a late 19th-century poster from the Victorian-era Wimbledon Brewery, advertising ‘XXXK Strong Ale’. This is a style which also came to be known as barley wine – that is, beer of alcohol by volume typically ranging from 8-12%.Velvet notes of rich, warming autumn fruits, overlaid with hints of spice and Seville Orange and a satisfying bite on the finish.