Cider and Perry

C = Cider, CF = Cider Flavoured, P = Perry
D = Dry, M = Medium, S = Sweet

ProducerCountyVarietyCider/PerryD/M/SABVTasting NotesLocation
Barbourne CiderWorcsSweet KernelCM/S4.5%Easy drinking, smooth and sweet, blending finished cider with apple juice1
Barbourne CiderWorcsWorcestershire PerryPD6.0%Worcestershire perry pears - light and fruity 2
Black RatSomersetPerryPM6.7%Medium traditional farmhouse perry using locally sourced pears3
Burrow HillSomersetAlf 'n 'AlfCM/D6.0%Traditional farmhouse champion cider4
Bottle Kicking Cider CoLeicsPPPCFS4.0%Delicously refreshing pineapple, peach and passion fruit combo5
Cockeyed CiderDevonBonobo BananaCFS4.0%Culinary apple cider, fermented with ripe bananas6
Cotswold Cider CoOxonHornBlowerCFM4.0%A refreshing medium cider blended with classic Indian chai spices7
Cranborne ChaseDorsetTraditional FarmhouseCM6.0%A crisp, fruity easy going cider that leaves you longing for more8
Dorset NectarDorsetSweet MaidenCM/S5.0%A medium-sweet traditional still farmhouse cider9
Dorset NectarDorsetDamsonCFM/S4.0%Cider from organic apples with a hint of damson, giving a reddish pink hue10
Dorset NectarDorsetElderflowerCFM3.8%Sweet cider infused with heady and aromatic hedgerow grown elderflowers11
Dorset NectarDorsetHunny BubbleCFM/S3.8%Cider from organic apples with a jazzy twist of real honey12
Dorset SunshineDorsetFestival SunshineCM6.0%Traditional full-bodied cider made with Dorset sourced cider apples13
Dudda's TunKentApricotCFS4.0%A delicious blend of sweet apricot and apple. Light & moreish14
Dudda's TunKentSalted CaramelCFS4.0%A perfect marriage of fresh apples & caramel with just a hint of salt15
Dudda's TunKentCherryCFM/S4.0%A blend of cider and cherry. Not too sweet and full of fruity cherry flavour16
Dudda's TunKentPerryPM5.5%Subtle honey notes, produced from super ripe Comice pears17
DunkertonsGloucsBlack Fox OrganicCM/D6.0%A carefully blended, deliciously rounded cider with a lively, tangy finish18
Farmer Jim's CiderDevonRhubarb BobCFM/S4.0%Tart rhubarb infused with a swirl of vanilla for a refreshing long drink19
Farmer Jim's CiderDevonFarmyard PerryPM/S4.5%A light fruity Perry made from proper Perry Pears20
GwatkinHerefordsFarmhouse PerryPM7.0%Old fashioned varieties harvested from the few remaining pear orchards21
GwatkinHerefordsRed DieselCFS4.0%Delicous base cider with added strawberry juice22
HuntsDevonHazy DazyCS4.5%Sweet classic handcrafted cloudy cider23
Honey'sSomersetMidfordCM/D6.2%Full juice medium dry cider24
Honey'sSomersetCam ValleyCM4.9%Full of taste session cider25
Honey'sSomersetStoney BonkCFS4.0%A winning blend of cider and ginger beer 26
Honey'sSomersetApple BlackCFS4.0%Refreshingly fruity cider with juicy blackcurrants27
Nightingale Cider CoKentDiscoveryCM6.0%A medium fruity cider with a delicate rosé blush28
Nightingale Cider CoKentTenterdenCM/D5.5%A bright and floral medium still cider29
Newton CourtHerefordsYarlington MillCM/D6.1%Medium dry cider using single variety cider apples30
Newton CourtHerefordsGasping GooseCM5.8%Blended organic cider using Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Harry Masters31
Newton CourtHerefordsPanting PartidgePM5.3%Medium organic perry with a juicy pear taste and delicate wine finish32
Perry'sSomersetBarn OwlCM6.5%Farm pressed and unfiltered33
Perry'sSomersetGrey HeronCS5.5%A sweet blend of Redstreak and Dabinett apples34
Pulp CiderHerefordsRhubarbCFM/S4.0%Yorkshire Triangle Timperley Rhubarb Juice blended with medium craft cider 35
Pulp CiderHerefordsMango DaiquiriCFS4.0%Sweet classic cocktail cider - juicy mango, squeezed lime and rum kick36
Purbeck Cider CoDorsetDandy DabCM5.0%Full bodied cider using Dabinett apples37
Purbeck Cider CoDorsetPurbeck PirateCM4.8%Bittersweet with sweet apple aroma, crisp mouth feel and a rounded flavour38
SeaciderSussexWhite PeachCFM4.0%Fruity and refreshing blend of medium cider and white peach juice39
SeaciderSussexLow TideCS2.0%A low alcohol alternative with flavour that still packs a punch40
SeaciderSussexMarmaladeCFM/S4.0%Fresh Seville oranges blended with superb cider41
Seven Trees CiderBerksReading PressCM6.3%Crafted using apples from RG postcodes blended with Dabinett42
Seven Trees CiderBerksOrchard PressCD6.5%Crafted using cider apples gathered from a single west country orchard43
Sheppy'sSomersetFarmhouse DraughtCM6.0%Traditional blend of cider apples used in this smooth, satisfying filtered cider44
Sheppy'sSomersetBlackberry & ElderflowerCFS4.0%Dessert apple cider with blackberry juice and elderflower infusion45
Snails BankHerefordsRaspberry RippleCFS4.0%Sweet cider infused with tart raspberry rippled through with vanilla46
Snails BankHerefordsPineapple & Pink GrapefruitCFS4.0%Sweet pineapple is balanced out by tangy grapefruit47
Snails BankHerefordsVery PerryPM5.1%Fruity medium perry using Stinking Bishop perry pears48
Snails BankHerefordsOrchard DryCD5.2%A blend of Dabinett and other bittersweet apples, not so dry49
BumbleBee CiderSomersetStrawberry MojitoCFM/S4.0%Unmistakably cider but twisted with strawberry and garden mint50
Tricky CiderSomersetWizardCM/D6.5%Full bodied classic farmhouse cider with mid tannin and medium sweetness51
Tutts ClumpBerksRum CaskCFM4.0%Fermented and matured in oak rum barrels52
Tutts ClumpBerksMangoCFM/S4.0%A blend of apples infused with real mango juice53
Tutts ClumpBerksRidgewayCM/S4.0%Proper cider lovingly crafted from a blend of finest English Apples54
Twisted CiderDorsetWild OrchardCS6.0%Full bodied sweet farmhouse cider with fruity aroma55
VentonsDevonSweet Maid in DevonCS6.0%Keeved dark, crystal clear, Normandy style56
WorleysSomersetBeatnik BillyCS5.5%Light and lower-ABV, with bags of fruit and mellow balanced sharpness57
WorleysSomersetRocky RoadCM6.4%Rich with lots of smooth tannin and interesting flavours58
WorleysSomersetMendip HillsCD6.4%A bright and fruity dry cider59
WorleysSomersetRed HenCM/D6.2%Cloudy cider, with fruity apple and spice character60