World Beer

New ZealandBlondFierce x NZBC x 8 WiredBitter Inside 5.7%Pale gold with a citrus hoppy taste.440ml can
New ZealandBlondRound Corner x NZBC Manuks Lager4.8%Slightly hazy golden with a dry finish.440ml can
New ZealandBlondNZBCStuff and nonsense5.5%Pale with motueka and nectaron hops.440ml can
New ZealandBlondNZBCTotal Stuff and nonsense10.0%NZ TIPA version of Stuff and Nonsense.440ml can
New ZealandDark8 WiredFlat White5.5%Coffee milk stout. Sweet taste of coffee and cream.440ml can
New ZealandDark8 WirediStout Affogato10.0%Imperial Stout. Roasted malts, chocolate and vanilla.440ml can
New ZealandDarkKererūImperial Nibs8.5%Imperial porter. Dark chocolate, vanilla and roasted malt.440ml can
New ZealandDarkUrbanautTropical imperial stout 12.0%Very dark brown with chocolate and caramel taste.250ml bottle
New ZealandDarkFierce x NZBCHokey Pokey7.4%Stout with a taste of roasted malt, caramel and chocolate.440ml can
New ZealandSourDeep creekAloha4.5%Sharp tropical fruit with a light sourness.440ml can
New ZealandSourMoaSour grapes6.4%Barrel aged lambic cherry beer.375ml bottle
New ZealandSourMoa Sour Cherries6.1%Belgian style lambic grape beer.375ml bottle
BelgianBlondChimay Dorée (Gold)4.8%Golden Trappist beer with a spicy fruity taste.330ml bottle
BelgianBlondSaisonDupont (Classic)6.5%Well balanced blond with a light fruity long bitter finish. 330ml bottle
BelgianBlondLefebvre Blanche de Bruxelles4.5%Refreshing cloudy wheat beer.330ml bottle
EnglandBlondLost & GroundedHelles4.5%German style Dortmunder export lager.440ml can
DenmarkBlondMikkellerBurst5.5%West coast IPA made with Simcoe, Citra and Mosiac hops.440ml can
EnglandBlondNorth BrewingPiñata4.5%Pale ale with mandarin, grapefruit, guava and mango.330ml bottle
BelgianBlondRochefortTriple8.1%Strong dark blond triple with a bitter finish. 330ml bottle
BelgianBlondSt BernardusExtra4.8%Golden blonde.330ml bottle
USABlondSt FeuillienGrand Cru9.5%Strong golden pale ale. Well carbonated with a dry finish.330ml bottle
EnglandBlondStone BrewingIPA6.9%IPA with a bitter finish.568ml bottle
EnglandBlondVerdantSundialer4.0%New England Pale Ale with plenty of hops.440ml can
BelgianDarkAbbaye d'OrvalOrval6.2%Amber Trappist ale with an aromatic nose and a bitter dry finish. 300ml bottle
BelgianDarkTrappistesRochefort 89.2%Dark brown full bodied malty taste.300ml bottle
BelgianDarkVerhaegheDuchesse Chocolate Cherry6.8%Sour Flemish Ale aged in oak barrels.300ml bottle
BelgianDarkVerhaegheDuchesse de Bourgogne Cherry6.8%Sour Flemish Ale with cherries.300ml bottle
BelgianSourBoonOude Gueuze7.0%Funky with medium sourness.375ml bottle
BelgianSourBoonKriek Mariage Parfait8.0%Strong sharp lambic with cherries. 375ml bottle
BelgianSourBoonFramboise5.0%Sharp lambic with raspberries.375ml bottle
BelgianSourRodenbachGrand Cru6.0%Sour Flemish Ale aged in oak vats.375ml bottle
EnglandLow AlcoholBeavertownLazer Crush0.3%Light golden IPA with a clean fresh taste.500ml bottle
DenmarkLow AlcoholMikkellerDrink'in the Sun0.3%Golden yellow with fruity hoppy notes.500ml bottle
GermanyBlondAugustinerEdelstoff 5.6%Blond beer from Munich with a lot of flavour.500ml bottle
GermanyBlondAugustinerHell5.2%Clear golden lager with a dry medium bitter taste.500ml bottle
GermanyBlondFrühKölsch 4.8%Pale blond refreshing beer from Cologne. 500ml bottle
GermanyBlondHofbräuMünchen Original5.1%Clear golden Munich lager.500ml bottle
GermanyBlondJever PilsnerPilsner4.9%Pours clear gold with a clean hop bitterness.500ml bottle
GermanyBlondTegernsee HellHell4.8%Pale gold Bavarian lager.500ml bottle
GermanyWheatAugustinerWeissbier5.4%Hazy golden wheat beer with banana and citrus notes.500ml bottle
GermanyWheatErdingerWeiss5.3%Cloudy wheat beer with a banana flavour.500ml bottle
GermanyWheatPaulanerHefe-Weissbier5.5%Cloudy wheat beer with a subtle banana flavour.500ml bottle
GermanyDarkHofbräuMünchen Dunkel5.5%Dark brown with a roasted malt taste.500ml bottle
GermanyDarkSchlenkerlaRauchbier Märzen5.1%Highly smoked dark beer from Bamberg. 500ml bottle
GermanyDarkSchlösserAlt4.8%Düsseldorf amber brown with a roasted malt flavour. 500ml bottle
GermanyDarkSchneider Weisse Aventinus Tap 68.2%Dark ruby coloured complex dopplebock.500ml bottle
GermanyWheatAnd UnionWednesday5.0%Hazy golden Bavarian Wheat Beer with a banana aroma. Vegan Unfiltered330ml cans
GermanyDarkAnd UnionThursday5.0%Dark brown unfiltered dark lager. Vegan Unfiltered330ml cans
GermanyBlondAnd UnionFriday6.5%Unfiltered IPA.Vegan Unfiltered330ml cans
GermanyBlondAnd UnionSunday5.5%Unfiltered pale ale.Vegan Unfiltered330ml cans
CzechiaBlondVinohradskýPivovar 4.8%Czech pilsner500ml bottle