Foreign Beer

Please note that the draft beers will not all be on and available at the same time.

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StyleCountryBreweryBeerABVPackageTasting Notes
BlondNorwayÆgirIndia Pale Ale6.5%CanAmerican west coast style IPA
BlondNorwayAmundsenApocalyptic Thunder Juice6.5%CanIPA with a fruity spicy taste
BlondBelgiumBelgooSaisonneke Extra4.4%Bottle (330ml)Saison. Extra dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops
BlondSwedenBeerbliotekSorry, Not Sorry5.5%CanPale Ale
BlondSweden / NorwayBeerbliotek and CervisiamNot Guilty! The OJ IPA7.5%CanIPA with a hoppy fruity taste
BlondBelgiumBrasserie {C}Torpah 606.0%Bottle (330ml)Single hopped pale ale
BlondBelgiumBrasserie {C}Torpah 906.0%Bottle (330ml)Single hopped pale ale with more hops than the 60 version
BlondSwedenBrewskiBrewskival Pilsner4.7%Bottle (330ml)Golden colour with a malt grain citrus taste
BlondBelgiumBrewskiThree Fourteen IPA5.9%Bottle (330ml)IPA with a citric fruity taste
BlondBelgiumCazeauTournay Triple9.0%Bottle (330ml)Abbey triple which combines sweetness with hop bitterness
BlondBelgiumContrerasValeir Extra6.5%Bottle (330ml)Golden subtle IPA
BlondBelgiumCorsendonkAgnus7.5%Bottle (330ml)Abbey pale ale / triple. Golden, hazy, dry with good carbonation
BlondBelgiumDe Dochter van de KorenaarBeau-Monde6.2%Bottle (330ml)Dry hopped saison with bitter orange
BlondBelgiumDe La SenneBrussels Calling6.5%Bottle (330ml)Belgiumgian ale with a fruity taste
BlondBelgiumDochter vd KorenaarPasse Partout3.0%Bottle (330ml)Session IPA
BlondSwedenDuggesShape Shifter6.0%Bottle (330ml)American Pale Ale with a fruity hoppy finish
BlondBelgiumDupontAvec Les Bons Voeux9.5%Bottle (375ml)Abbey Triple Slow matured copper blond bombshell
BlondBelgiumDupontSaison Bio6.5%Bottle (330ml)Golden organic Saison
BlondBelgiumDupontTriomfbier Vooruit6.0%Bottle (330ml)Organic amber beer with dry, bitter and smokey notes
BlondBelgiumEutropiusKataklysm St. Tabarnak6.7%Bottle (330ml)Pours light amber with a fruity yeasty taste
BlondSpainGarage Beer Co./WhiplashBeanz7.5%CanIPA
BlondNorwayHaandbryggerietNorwegian Wood6.5%Bottle (330ml)Trad Ale with Juniper
BlondNetherlandsHeaps Of HopsBiørningman3.8%Bottle (330ml)Copper coloured Bohemian Pale session IPA
BlondNetherlandsHeaps Of HopsVønkelwater3.5%Bottle (330ml)Lightly hopped zesty Saison
BlondNetherlandsHet Uiltje Met JeTettnang Green Tanktop4.6%Bottle (330ml)German style pilsner
BlondNetherlandsKaapse BrouwersTes5.0%Bottle (330ml)White wine saison
BlondNetherlandsKeesCaramel Fudge11.5%Bottle (330ml)Imperial caramel fudge stout
BlondNetherlandsKeesPale Ale Citra4.6%Bottle (330ml)Tasty American style pale ale
BlondBelgiumL' ErmitageLe Soleil4.5%Bottle (330ml)Session wheat ale
BlondBelgiumL' ErmitageSaison de L' Ermite4.7%Bottle (330ml)Dry hoppy saison with US yeast
BlondNetherlandsLOC BrewerySleeper6.6%Bottle (330ml)IPA with pine, hops and fruity taste
BlondDenmarkMikkeller (De Proef)Single Hop Amarillo IPA6.9%CanLight amber with a hoppy dry finish
BlondDenmarkMikkeller (De Proef)Single Hop Nelson Sauvin IPA8.9%CanImperial IPA with a fruity aroma
BlondBelgiumMusketeers (De Proef)Antigoon8.0%Bottle (330ml)Dark gold full bodied with soft carbonation
BlondBelgiumMusketeers (De Proef)Jack's Precious IPA5.9%Bottle (330ml)Deep amber IPA
BlondNetherlandsOersoepSergeant Pepper7.0%Bottle (330ml)Saison with a pepper taste
BlondSwedenOmnipolloPerikles4.3%Bottle (330ml)Pilsener brewed with oats and unmalted wheat
BlondSwedenOmnipolloMackaper6.0%Bottle (330ml)American Pale Ale dry hopped with galaxy hops
BlondAustraliaPirate LifeThrowback IPA3.5%Can (355ml)Session IPA with a taste of hops and citrus fruits
BlondBelgiumScheldebrouwerijLamme Goedzak7.0%Bottle (330ml)Golden pour with floral hop and bitter finish
BlondAustraliaStone & WoodPacific Pale Ale4.4%Bottle (330ml)Unfiltered unpasteurised light bodied blond
BlondFranceThiriezImpériale Bière De Table Clean4.5%Bottle (330ml)Medium bodied Bire de Garde
BlondDenmarkTo Øl (De Proef)Fuck Art We've got zest appeal5.4%Bottle (330ml)Belgium Ale Fruity aroma with a dry finish
BlondBelgiumVerstraetePapegaei8.0%Bottle (330ml)Belgium strong ale
BlondBelgiumVerzetSuper NoAH4.9%Bottle (330ml)Cloudy Belgium Ale with a subtle fruity taste
Low alcoholUKBig DropPale Ale0.5%Bottle (330ml)A low alcohol blond beer with a big taste
Amber and DarkBelgiumAlvinneLand van Mortagne12.8%Bottle (330ml)Quadrupel with sweet malty and slightly tart taste
Amber and DarkBelgiumAlvinneUndressed Foederbier6.9%Bottle (330ml)Sour Flemish brown ale
Amber and DarkBelgiumAbbaye des RocsBruin9.0%Bottle (330ml)Dark brown malty spicy slightly sweet beer
Amber and DarkNetherlandsAmazing BlissLucky Bliss10.5%Bottle (330ml)Netherlands Imperial Stout with a malty licorice taste
Amber and DarkNetherlandsBad HairHitsug Blondje6.5%Bottle (330ml)Amber Belgium Ale
Amber and DarkNetherlandsBad HairImperial Putin Ltd.10.3%Bottle (330ml)Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Amber and DarkSwedenBrewskiBosstime9.1%Bottle (330ml)Barley Wine with coffee
Amber and DarkBelgiumBroederJacob Double Espresso (Anders)7.7%Bottle (330ml)Dark brown with a coffee caramel taste
Amber and DarkNorwayHaandbryggerietOdins Tipple10.2%Bottle (330ml)Imperial Stout. Roasted malt and dark chocolate
Amber and DarkNetherlandsKromme HaringRockfish5.5%Bottle (330ml)Ruby Amber Ale with caramel malty taste
Amber and DarkNetherlandsOedipusKinderyoga11.0%Bottle (330ml)Imperial Stout with espresso chocolate taste
Amber and DarkBelgiumPréarisSmokey Li8.0%Bottle (330ml)Hazy golden with the smokey taste of Lapsang Souchong
Amber and DarkBelgiumRodenbachVintage7.0%Bottle (330ml)Flemish brown ale
Amber and DarkNetherlandsDe KievitZundert Trappist8.0%Bottle (330ml)Dark amber with a taste of dark fruit, caramel and malt
FruitSwedenBrewskiMangofeber DIPA8.0%Bottle (330ml)Mango Imperial IPA
FruitBelgiumDrie HorneBananatana7.0%Bottle (330ml)With banana and sultana
FruitBelgiumDubuissonBush Peche Mel8.5%Bottle (330ml)Amber fruit beer with peach extract
FruitBelgiumPetrusAged Red8.5%Bottle (330ml)Sour red/brown ale with added cherries
Lambic and GueuzeBelgiumBoonFramboise6.0%Bottle (375ml)Raspberry lambic
Lambic and GueuzeBelgiumBoonGueuze Marriage Parfait8.0%Bottle (375ml)Strong gueuze
Lambic and GueuzeBelgiumBoonOude Gueuze7.0%Bottle (375ml)Classic gueuze
Lambic and GueuzeBelgiumGirardinFramboise5.0%Bottle (375ml)Raspberry lambic
Lambic and GueuzeBelgiumGirardinGeuze Fond5.0%Bottle (375ml)Gueuze
Lambic and GueuzeBelgiumGirardinKriek5.0%Bottle (375ml)Cherry lambic
Lambic and GueuzeBelgiumOud BeerselOude Gueuze5.0%Bottle (375ml)Sour gueuze
BlondGermanyAnd UnionUnfiltered Lager5.0%Bottle (500ml)Unfiltered naturally cloudy lager
BlondGermanyAnd UnionSteph Weisse5.0%Bottle (500ml)Unfiltered Cloudy zesty wheat beer
BlondGermanyAnd UnionSunday Pale Ale5.5%Bottle (500ml)Unfiltered pale ale
BlondGermanyAnd UnionFriday IPA6.5%Bottle (500ml)Unfiltered IPA
BlondGermanyAndechserSpezial Hell5.9%Bottle (500ml)Strong blond beer
BlondGermanyFrühKölsch4.8%Bottle (500ml)Golden beer from Cologne
BlondGermanyJeverPilsener4.9%Bottle (500ml)Crisp dry pilsner
BlondGermanyKöenigPilsBottle (500ml)Blond pilsner with a light sweet and bitter flavour
BlondGermanyReissdorfKölsch4.8%Bottle (500ml)Blond beer from Cologne
WheatGermanyAugustinerWeissbier5.4%Bottle (500ml)Light cloudy wheat beer
WheatGermanyBenediktinerWeissbier5.4%Bottle (500ml)Light cloudy wheat beer with a hint of banana
WheatGermanyKöenig LudwigWeissbier HellBottle (500ml)Light cloudy wheat beer with a hint of banana
WheatGermanyAndechsExport Dunkel4.9%Bottle (500ml)Dark brown with a rich malty flavour
WheatGermanyWeihenstephanKorbinian7.4%Bottle (500ml)Full bodied dark dopplebock
WheatGermanyAecht SchkenkerlaRauchbier MarzenBottle (500ml)Bamberg smoked beer - liquid smokey bacon
BlondUSAMike HessLittle IPA4.6%Can (355ml)Excellent hop-busting session IPA
DarkUSANew HollandThe Poet5.2%Bottle (355ml)An oatmeal stout oats bring a creaminess and soft mouth-feel to a rich roasty malt character
BlondUSAPort CityEssential Pale Ale5.5%Bottle (355ml)Deep golden with bright aromas of summer stone fruits. A firm bitterness is underpinned by a subtle sweetness and refreshing dry finish
BlondUSARio BravoLa Luz Lager3.4%Can (16oz)A light, refreshing German Leicht (light) bier. Blend of imported and domestic malts. Extended aging, very clean and drinkable
BlondUSARio BravoSnakebite IPA7.4%Can (16oz)Strong British style IPA. An intense yet balanced hop experience 16oz can
DarkUSAWormtownBlizzard of 78'6.0%Bottle (355ml)English style Brown Ale with fresh roasted coffee for a rich, smooth character
BlondNetherlandsOedipusMama5.0%DraftAmerican Pale Ale
DarkNetherlandsRamsesMamba Porter6.2%DraftPorter
BlondNetherlandsRamsesDen Dorstige Tijger6.9%DraftIPA
BlondNetherlandsRamses/Naeckte Brouwers Naecktslak5.2%DraftSaison with raspberries