Wine and Mead – 2022

ProducerLocationNameTypeTasting Notes
BrightwellOxfordshireBacchus - DryWhiteSoft and fruity with a slight sweetness to balance its dry structure. The wine captures the aromatic apple flavours of the Bacchus grape in a gentle and easy drinking wine.
BrightwellOxfordshireSparkling Chardonnay - DryWhiteThe unoaked style of this wine allows the characteristic chardonnay flavours of apple & lime to come through on the palette with just a hint of vanilla.
BrightwellOxfordshireCrispin - DryWhiteA soft-dry blend of Reichensteiner and Bacchus grapes, with the acidity balanced to give a softer edge. Shows a subtle fusion of orchard fruit and herb flavours with lingering hints of pears.
BrightwellOxfordshireOxford Flint - DryWhiteA fully dry delicate wine with flinty minerality and a hint of citrus.
BrightwellOxfordshireOxford Gold - MediumWhiteA more full bodied white wine with a hint of balanced sweetness & a rich mouth feel. Full of flavours of pineapple & melon. A succelent wine made from Huxelrebe grapes.
BrightwellOxfordshireOxford Regatta - DryRedDry, medium bodied fruity red wine. Hints of cherry and damson fading to a smoky strawberry finish.
BrightwellOxfordshireOxford Rose - DryRoséThis rosé wine is produced from red grapes grown on the chalk and flint gravel soils of the Thames Valley. Vibrant raspberry colour and a gentle tannin strength to the wine.
BrightwellOxfordshirePinot Noir - DryRoséRounded with subtle tannins, there are hints of spice in its long, dry finish on the palate. A complex wine it is ideal with all meats and cheese, and particularly to be savoured on its own.
Court Garden VineyardDitchling, East SussexBlanc De Blancs - SparklingWhite
Court Garden VineyardDitchling, East SussexPinot NoirRosé
Court Garden VineyardDitchling, East SussexRoséRosé
Danebury VineyardStockbridge, HampshireReserve 2015WhiteA skilful blend of all Danebury's grape varieties.
Danebury VineyardStockbridge, HampshireSchönburger 2015 - DryWhiteA unusual German grape, popularly grown in England, Schönburger is a hybrid of Pinot Noir and another grape, itself a hybrid of Chasselas and Muscat Hamburg.
Lyme BayDevonShoreline - DryWhiteThis beautiful white wine has subtle noted of lemon, nettle, rose petal & grapefruit.
Lyme BayDevonPinot Noir Rose - Medium DryRoséA fun wine, this soft, delicious rose has hints of strawberries & cream
Lyme BayDevonSandbar- Medium DryWhiteMade from 100% Bacchus grapes, this fresh and zesty wine has a range of characteristics including grapefruit, guava, box wood and a hint of blackcurrant.
Lyme BayDevonBlackbeer & Raisin - SweetCountryA full flavoured dark wine, with a rich malty character.
Lyme BayDevonRaspberry - MediumCountryRipe raspberry character and a real berry aroma.
Lyme BayDevonStrawberry SparklingCountry
Lyme BayDevonSummer BerriesCountry
Lyme BayDevonChilli Mead - Medium SweetMeadPerfect balance of sweet honey with the spicy kick of chillies.