Wooden Cask Beer List

VG=Vegan  V=Vegetarian
GF=Brewed to a gluten-free recipe (not certified Gluten-free)

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StyleBreweryBeerTown, CountyABVDietaryTasting NotesBarBeer Number
IPAAnimalBad Kitty - IN WOODLong Crendon, Buckinghamshire4.6%Stronger version of Hop Kitty, Packed with intense tropical and citrus flavours.Moncada421
StoutBad Seed BreweryRule the Roost - IN WOODMalton, North Yorkshire5.6%VG UEspresso stout. The beer is cold steeped on Tonto espresso beans from Roost coffee down the road from the brewery. Rich and roasted, dark and complex. Unfined and unfiltered.Moncada423
Barley Wine / Old AleChiltern300s Old Ale - IN WOODAylesbury, Buckinghamshire4.9%Satisfyingly dark but not impenetrable, good body but not overpowering, with a long pleasing finish. Moncada425
Bitter / BestChilternBeachwood Bitter - IN WOODAylesbury, Buckinghamshire4.3%This pale brown beer has a balanced butterscotch/toffee aroma, with a slight hop note. The taste balances bitterness and sweetness, leading to a long bitter finish.Moncada427
StoutChilternBlack - IN WOODAylesbury, Buckinghamshire3.9%VGDark treacle tones, hints of roast barley and beautifully hopped. Rich smooth flavours abound leading to a light rewarding finish.Moncada429
PorterXTXT8 - IN WOODLong Crendon, Buckinghamshire4.5%A full-bodied, dark-coloured porter with roast malt, coffee and bitter chocolate notes.Moncada432
Pale AleOssettSummer Fruits - IN WOODOssett, West Yorkshire3.9%A smooth, mellow and fruity session beer, brewed from pale and oat malts. German Melon hops give aromas of melon and strawberry.Moncada434
IPARatSplinter - IN WOODHuddersfield, West Yorkshire5.8%New Black IPA - no notes available.Moncada436
Pale AleMoncadaPale Ale (Port BA) - IN WOODLondon, Greater London4.5%Fruity aroma of the hops and moderate maltiness with a citrus flavour and sweetness of porto oak barrel.Moncada438
StoutMoncadaStout Verzet with wild yeast (Port BA) - IN WOODLondon, Greater London5.0%Slightly sour with notes of dark chocolate, coffee and red fruits given by a wild yeast. Floral aroma provided by a porto oak barrel aged during 3 months.Moncada440
StoutFernandesBlack Raptor - IN WOODWakefield, West Yorkshire4.4%A new stout from Fernandes - no tasting notes available.Moncada431
SpecialityFive TownsCranachan - IN WOODWakefield, West Yorkshire5.2%A special pale ale with oats, raspberries honey and whisky.Moncada433
PorterFive TownsNeuklön - IN WOODWakefield, West Yorkshire6.0%Coconut and pecan coffee porter.Moncada435
Bitter / BestHalf MoonOld Forge Bitter - IN WOODYork, East Yorkshire3.8%A very bright amber coloured ale with a soft spiced lemon and honeyed flavour.Moncada437
IPAMoncadaNEIPA with Brett (Port BA) - IN WOODLondon, Greater London7.0%The sweetness of the malt, orange character and magic of brett mixed in a porto oak barrel, gives a smooth body and soft finish.Moncada439